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Inside view

The Portal

Coming….. Burning Man 2019

The Portal is a larger than life 35’ tall comprehensive kaleidoscope art installation for Burning Man 2019. Jonathon Crash hamilton is a large scale interactive sculpture artist, from Los Angeles Ca. His pieces are giant playgrounds of light and illusion showcasing his a love of LED mapped landscapes interwoven with sacred Geometry. “Crash” met up with Orange County based mirror artist Nicky Alice “Alice” during the past few years at Burning Man in their own widely known theme camp Chop Shop. Upon realizing the synchronicity of their love of art, geometry, unique projects and even sharing the same birthday, the intrinsic idea of a grand scale collaboration was born. “Imagine yourself inside of a giant kaleidoscope, the idea of the viewer becoming fractalized inside of the piece will take consciousness to another paradigm, hence the name “The Portal”. not to mention the wind turbine driven star tetrahedron inside the piece will blow minds. Alice has been working with mirrors in the gallery scene for 10 years now but this will be his first large scale piece. The Portal is not only a collaboration of exclusive ideas from the minds of these two artist but a majority of the facets came directly from dreams. The project is currently underway and destined to be showcased at the world famous Burning Man in 2019.